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The New American Pond System – "Green Solutions for Water Pollution”

We have a sustainable system using native plants that provides a “green solution” to water pollution. The core of this system is the “Floating Wetland”, a planted raft that directly consumes nutrient pollution and that can more than double the microbial de-nitrification occurring in storm-water ponds.

In addition to the wetlands, we have a system for planting the pond that leads to further pollution reduction without causing a secondary problem of runaway plants in the pond. We know what kind of plants to use and which are best at suppressing algae.

For eroding shorelines on ponds or along estuaries, we have developed “Wetland Carpets” to hold the shoreline firm and quickly populate it with the appropriate plants.

We also install sub-surface aeration systems to speed the decomposition of organic waste material in the pond and to sustain healthy bacteria levels. In combination with the wetlands, this creates a “synergy of enhanced nutrient reduction and organic waste reduction”.

When these measures are not enough, we know the appropriate herbicides and algaecides to use to control weeds and unsightly algae in the pond. The appropriate use of EPA approved chemicals will assure biodiversity and eliminate the development an unhealthy monoculture in the pond.

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